What is included in the initial evaluation and consultations?

  • Appointment (up to 60 minutes) in which we make a thorough examination.
  • A lot of careful listening and conversation so we can understand your condition.
  • Extensive education about pain and evidence-based viewpoint on your current problem
  • Video with exercises and precise instructions.
  • Answers to all your questions and complaints.
  • A personalized rehabilitation plan aimed at achieving your goals.

How do online evaluations and consultations work?

Almost the same as in-person evaluation and consultations.

The only difference is that we communicate via video call.

Based on the growing number of research, it is now well known we can have the same (or even better) outcomes online, as in person.*

We set up an appointment and pick the platform of your choice (WhatsApp or Zoom).

We then send you the billing details and call you at the time when we scheduled the appointment.

How many times do I have to come after the first appointment?

Less number of visits make us look better.

We want you to achieve your goals as fast as possible.

However, the main goal is not to have as few appointments as possible, but to provide you with the highest quality rehabilitation for your needs.

The number of appointments will depend on your current condition, your goals, your time and your effort.

Most people usually need 3-4 appointments for common pains and injuries.

How does the rehabilitation/training program work?

We create an individualized program for you based on your current condition and goals, which you can access online via a link or in the free mobile app „ google sheets “. 

Through this app, we can monitor your training, progress, and recovery, and based on that we adjust your training program on a week-to-week basis.

During this process, you have unlimited support through email and messaging.

 Do you give massages in your clinic? 

No. If something hurts then we want you to have an active approach to that problem.

Think of that as if you have a private or work-related problem. 

Nobody can fix it long term for you. 

You have to do it. 

The same is true in rehab.

All passive therapies (massages, electrotherapy, therapeutic ultrasound, manipulations, cupping, dry needling, etc.) can help in the short term, but we want to help you long term.

We will probably have to change something about your physical activity and/or lifestyle habits, to achieve your long-term goals.

Yes, that means you will have to do something and actively participate in your rehabilitation.

Our role is to support you and guide you through that process.

I have disc herniation/protrusion, what should I do?

Disc herniations/protrusions are often present in asymptomatic people with no pains or symptoms.

Which means that your clinical picture and symptom presentation are the most important thing for treatment decisions.

The MRI results can sometimes (not so often) be very important.

But, MRI findings are only one part of this puzzle.

We should treat the person, not the scan!

In 99% of cases, there is no need for surgery and your condition will get better over time.

If you are worried about your condition or pain impacting your day-to-day life, we suggest that you set up an appointment so we can help you safely recover and return to your meaningful activities.

Can I pay with card? 

We don’t accept cards, but you can pay in cash, with a mobile banking app or with  cryptocurrencies.

Is there free parking near your centre? 

Yes. There is free parking right in front of the centre.

9. Do you work with older adults? 

Yes. We work with anyone willing to put in the work. 

Do you work with the general population or athletes only? 

We work with everyone willing to put in the work.

From elderly people to professional athletes. 

Do you have a dressing room in your centre?

Yes. We have a dressing room, a toilet, a shower, and a remarkable coffee. 

How do I know if I am the right patient to work with you?

If you have a body and a brain, you love learning and actively working on yourself and your health, then you are on the right (web) address.

However, if you are not sure, feel free to call us or send a message to +385 91 415 4495 (Rene) or write us via mail: centar.venier@gmail.com

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